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Peekay's Herbs On the Edge

Peekay's Herbs On the Edge

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Supports immunity during the earliest stage of incoming cold and flu.*

Peekay’s On The Edge supports anyone who wants to avoid getting fully sick with an upper respiratory cold or flu. People who travel a lot, who work long hours and are often run down. Those who get sick easily during cold and flu season. People who work with young kids, in hospitals or are routinely interacting with a lot of people where the chances of getting sick are elevated.*

On The Edge is designed to help resolve colds, flus, sore throats and other acute upper respiratory afflictions before they take hold of you. Ideally, this formula is taken at the very first sign of any upcoming cold or flu. The first sniffle, sneeze, scratchy throat, shiver, or after exposure to other sick people, are when this formula works most effectively. My patients call it the magic formula. If taken early enough, people can beat and avoid most acute respiratory afflictions. If someone is already fully sick, this formula will support speeding up recovery time and take the edge off the symptoms, but its true power is in the earliest stage of illness.* 

Peekay’s On The Edge combines antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients. Also supports the common symptoms of an early cold or flu such as sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, fever, chills, malaise & nausea.*

Dosing Guidelines

As low as 1 Teaspoon (5 droppers full / 5ml) per day for small and sensitive individuals.

As high as 2 Tablespoons (30 droppers full / 30ml) per day for larger and robust individuals experiencing acute and severe symptoms.

Herbs can be taken at one time or dosed several times per day.

Average dose is 1 Tablespoon (15 droppers full / 15ml) taken 2 times per day.

These herbs are most often taken mixed with a cup of hot water (like a cup of tea), but they can also be mixed with cold water or taken as an undiluted shot!


Ilex Root / Gan Mai Gen
Isatis Root / Ban Lan Gen
Honeysuckle Flower / Jin Yin Hua Evodia
Lepta Root & Leaf / San Cha Hu
Fructus Viticus / Man Jing Zi
Ilicis Pubescentis / Ma Dong Qing
Forsythia Flower / Lian Qiao
Isatis Leaf / Da Qing Ye
Chrysanthenum Flower / Ju Hua
Andrographis / Chuan Xin Lian
Olive Leaf / Olea Europaea
Ginger Root / Sheng Jiang
Oregano Oil / Tu Yin Chen
Purified Water
Organic Cane Alcohol (20%)
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